It is one of the fastest-growing ones. Many modern users need help keeping track of all the significant moments here. In this article, we would like to describe what is happening in the IT field today briefly. It would be difficult for us to talk about everything necessary, even briefly, but such a format will help you stay informed of the most important events.

We are sure that we should start by saying that such Bitcoin mixers as have begun to appear recently, with new advanced algorithms that most effectively hide marks of your transactions. So they eliminate the risk that your BTC transactions will be tracked. Now, you will be able to enjoy anonymous transfers of Bitcoins and not be afraid that you will run into trouble because of it.

Neural network news

Recently, news has appeared related to the latest achievements in artificial intelligence. OpenAI, founded by business people such as Elon Musk and Sam Altman, announced a new artificial intelligence model that can accomplish almost any task. This model is called DALL-E 2. So it can create images based on natural language.

If the user describes that, it will create an image according to this. For example, if the user utters «mushroom, which looks like a flower,» DALL-E 2 will create a corresponding picture. This model has great potential and can be used in many areas, such as design, advertising, video game development, and medicine.

For example, health professionals can use this to create imaging of organs and tissues. Subsequently, it will help them in the issue of the diagnosis of diseases and planning surgical interventions. However, you should consider the potential ethical issues that you may have with this technology. For example, this is the ability to create fake images that can be used to manipulate public opinion or deceive people.

Therefore, given the potential risks, you need to continue to develop this technology and take measures to prevent its abuse. In addition, DALL-E 2 is another example of how artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to evolve and change our lives. In the future, we can get even more achievements in this field that will significantly change many industries and production, and they will improve our lives.

IT field

exFAT will be available to all users

Recent developments in information technology have demonstrated that this field continues to increase. One of the most relevant events in the IT field is the development and implementation of a new file system format such as exFAT. exFAT is a consequence of the evolutionary development of FAT32, which became very popular in the early 2000s.

Its new version has improved features such as compatibility with files larger than 4 GB and performance. However, to date, owners of Linux devices will not be able to use the exFAT on their systems, limiting their ability to operate. But this may change soon, thanks to the decision of Microsoft, which plans to open the source code of exFAT and put it in public.

This company decision has attracted many positive reviews in the IT professionals community. The point is that it will help developers and users of Linux to use exFAT to get maximum performance and stability. This discovery of the source code of exFAT could be a significant breakthrough in the development of information technology.

It will increase competition between firms and motivate developers to innovate and develop file systems. Microsoft’s decision to open the source code of exFAT expands the capabilities of Linux-based devices. It creates a discussion environment on the interoperability issue between companies and developers for common purposes of IT development.

Overall, the discovery of the exFAT source code is a vital step in developing information technology, which can positively impact the industry’s further development.

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