This program is a very good tool for all those people who are dedicated to running a small wireless network and want to keep it safe. Under normal conditions, today’s Wi-Fi networks are usually protected, but there may be weaknesses with the password. Vulnerabilities that have to do with brute force or encryption are included. The consequence of all this is that certain people can have access to your Internet connection without you wanting to.

The app will notify you if the network is being used without you knowing. It is a specialized scanner that runs at certain intervals already established to report if certain devices are found that are rare.

The specific characteristics that you should point out about this program are the following:

– Detects devices with firewalls that cannot respond to ping.

– It will scan the network at certain specific intervals.

– Pings all kinds of network devices that are online.

– It warns us immediately if there is a device that should not be there.

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