Google Drive is the perfect service for storing all your files in the so-called cloud. You can access any kind of your files from anywhere like home, work, or while traveling. All you need is Internet access and an installed google drive application.

In addition, you have the ability to send files to your friends or give them access to edit documents, presentations, and so on. A whole group of people with special access can work on one file, and all participants can view the changes and content of documents.

After free registration, you instantly get access not only to file storage but also to a wide variety of free documents. For example, you can create text documents, spreadsheets, questionnaires, or presentations that your friends and colleagues can interact with regardless of their location.

Where can I get Google Drive

In most cases, you will not face the problem of installing and using google drive if you download it directly from the Apksalad site. On this site, the Google Drive application is absolutely free and updated to the latest version. Here is a free apk for Android which you can download in just a few seconds.

Google Drive

In addition to this, the site contains numerous other applications for working with documents, which will also be useful to you. You can use the search categories as per your request. You will always find a large list of different apps, making this site the most profitable apk download site.

How to use Google Drive

Immediately after registering in the Google Drive application, you will get 15 GB of free space for storing files. After that, you can forget to spend money on flash drives for storing and transferring data. You can have access to Google Drive from any of your devices, all you need to do is log into your Google account. Also, you can download your files to any device directly from your Google account. However, if 15 GB is not enough, you have the option of purchasing 100 GB of memory.

One of the main features of Google Drive is automatic syncing. This means that any change you make to the document is automatically saved. For example, if you are working from a phone and made changes to a document, and then opened this document from a computer, then you will see the latest version of your modified document. This is an extremely convenient thing for using the app in a large team and from different devices.

If you are working as a team on one document, you have the opportunity to observe all changes and edits in real-time. For example, your colleague can type text in a document and you can see in real-time how he types it letter by letter.

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