This program allows us that certain data such as login credentials, social security or credit card numbers can be used safely and that attackers cannot steal them.

It provides the best protection for the recording of keystrokes. You can hide the daily activities that you do on the Internet.

It encrypts them with ransomware so it won’t be possible for anyone to see that data.

Eliminate adware: that is, it will clean all those accessories from the computer so that it does not bring us anything unwanted.

They will scan for malware: this scan will be very effective in detecting all kinds of malicious and hidden procedures.

Protects against malware: as a file that was not known, it will be analyzed exhaustively within the cloud.

There will be real-time protection, that is, as you use the computer you will not have problems. It works in the background to block possible viruses that reach the computer.

You always have technical support available.

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