You can get the security of your device and not doubt its reliability only if your password is complex and varied. To do this, you should use a password manager where personal data is stored, which is needed for particular websites.


Dashlane manager is one of the safest ones in the whole world. You can install it on your computer as a browser extension. In the event that the intruders break your password, which you use to log on to the away websites, this program will invite you to change it, and it will scan all the email sectors. When cracking, this program allows you to change all passwords simultaneously in a few minutes.


After the installation on your PC, this manager will propose to add an extension that will allow you to save passwords in your browser. Even LastPass has no access to information. The user has the option of sharing passwords and can choose whether they will see them or simply provide one-time access or for a specific time. The manager authorises the user on services with saved code.


This program has a very simple and modern interface. There is the option «Security Audit», which allows checking and evaluating the reliability of the generated password. This program has options for sharing, sharing passwords and synchronising on multiple gadgets. Its general characteristic that distinguishes this program from other managers is that it does not have the ability to scan bank cards and save documents.

The program breaks the services visited by the user into categories such as social networking and travel. In addition, you can configure automatic access to sites that require you to password.


This application has all the options of a password manager and is popular due to its enhanced encryption. An interesting feature of this program is the travel mode. The manager can delete all code information on the home computer if the user is long away from home. This will help a person to control the security of their personal information. The program will recover all data as soon as the user returns home. The user will use a free two-week period.


The OneSafe manager is a data storage in which you can post passwords and other codes such as a landline lock. This application will help you save your documents and photos intact, and you can add them to its storage right during the process of using the smartphone. Decoy Safe is an option that will help you create a fake account. When cracking, attackers will only get fake data. With this program, the user can disallow access to files and make backup copies to external media.


This application helps to save your data by two methods, such as local (in a PC) and remote (in a cloud). The first method is set by default. In the password generator, you can use the option of selecting the options for the formation of the cipher. It is built into the password addition window so that the user can quickly generate complex codes for different sites.

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