The personal KeyScrambler is a program with add-ons to be able to run in a free browser and be filed under any type of antivirus that is available within the GFX Software Corporation company and always removed for the Windows operating system.

It should be noted that the review of this program is not completely complete, but an editor was in charge of doing it on a computer.

This program tries to count the keystrokes to be able to move on to protecting the information that is so important.

We have before us, a complement so that web browsers can protect the information that is treated in the keyloggers. We are going to defeat all the keyloggers with a bit at a keyboard controller level and smile all in the innermost part of the operating system. When all these pulsations are going to arrive at the navigator, the program is in charge of encrypting them so that they are in the written keys. Thus, Keyloggers will be able to register only a few keys that are encrypted in such a way that you will not be able to know what it says at any time.

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